September 2015 Athlete Spotlight


1. What is your favorite WOD(s) or Skill(s)?

My favorite WOD would have to be FILTHY FIFTY this one is a real challenge that can be broken up if needed and any modification will still bring the end result you want.
My favorite skill would have to be back squat because I like the way my back feels after a lift.

2. What WOD is at the bottom of your list?

I honestly can’t say there is a WOD at the bottom of my list. Working on different areas different days is the only technique proven to show results so I am happy with any workout.

3. How would you describe your diet? (Paleo, Primal, Zone, Clean, etc.)

I eat my way to Skinny! I maintain 1200-1500 calorie diet and every calorie burned gives me a calorie more 🙂  Since there are so many high calorie foods out there I stick to more of a Paleo diet since you get more for your calories, I buy my fruits, veggies and meat locally and organic when available.

4. How did you hear about CrossFit Trenches?

PC WAS my manager and asked me to try, I said no for about a year and after giving in I was sold after the first class.

5. How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I have been doing CrossFit for five months.

6. Describe your biggest milestone, achievement, or “A-ha” moment at CFT?

I have the arch in my back that I have never had but have been striving for, I get so many complements and the question of “where do you work out at?” best part is people don’t ask if I work out they ask where.

7. What encouragement or advice would you give to new people coming in?

It’s not for everyone; I have worked out my entire life but the weights and techniques used can cause harm if not done right. Once you do learn the techniques the results are priceless. Everything can be modified; I have a permanent broken arm and I can perform all work outs to the max with slight modifications and still see the same results as others.


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