Rachael Cordero: Owner/CF-L1, CF-L2, CrossFit Gymnastics

As a kid, I was outside from sunup to sundown every day; I was always running and biking.  I played soccer and basketball and did gymnastics through the end of middle school, and though I was never very good, I really loved it (I think more for the social aspect).  I was also active in the local youth symphony, so when I won a symphony scholarship, those sports fell by the wayside.  I decided to join the dance team in high school because it didn’t conflict with my violin lessons.  I realized I finally had a knack for something I loved, so dancing became my passion.  I played on the varsity volleyball team, and I also ran regularly with one of my best friends for fun.  Once I went to college, my studies and my job took priority, and I quickly grew lazy.  After I got married, my husband took up running and triathlons, which rekindled my own love for running.  I spent years in and out of globo gyms, but only for the treadmills and hip hop classes, and I never touched weights apart from the body pump style classes.

Several years ago, my husband fell in love with CrossFit and later decided to open Trenches with a partner.  I was very intimidated and very out of shape, but I soon fell in love with it also and joined in as part owner.  I lost 30 pounds and gained a part in an amazing community of people.  I started coming more regularly and quickly began seeing increases in the amount of weight I could lift and improvements in skills I thought were gone forever.

I love the fact that the workouts are varied and scalable and that I get to do some olympic lifting (something I never thought I would do in my entire life).  I want everyone who feels intimidated and unsure of themselves, just like I was, to come in and fall in love with CrossFit, just like I did.