June 2016 Spotlight Athlete

Todd B.

  1. What is your favorite WOD(s) or Skill(s)?

The hand stand pushup because I never thought I’d be able to do one of those.

  1. What WOD is at the bottom of your list?

Definitely the overhead squat.  There’s something about that movement that is frustratingly difficult.

  1. How would you describe your diet? (Paleo, Primal, Zone, Clean, etc.)

Mediterranean perhaps?  To be honest, I just try to eat relatively healthy and I haven’t subscribed to a particular diet.  Maybe I should….

  1. How did you hear about CrossFit Trenches?

My wife (Tammy) and I were at a bar and grill near Davidson College last summer and were watching the CrossFit games on the TV.  I said that it looked like a lot of fun and she mentioned that there was a CrossFit gym near us (Trenches) and asked if I wanted to give it a try.  She called our pastor (who went to the gym) that night and I joined not long after we returned from vacation.

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit?

About 10 months

  1. Describe your biggest milestone, achievement, or “A-ha” moment at CFT?

The most exciting achievement so far was doing my first handstand pushup.  I never particularly liked flipping upside down let alone pushing myself up while upside down.  Those pushups were (and are) really challenging for me but it’s great when I’m able to complete a few in a row.  I’m beginning to enjoy the double-unders as well.

  1. What encouragement or advice would you give to new people coming in?

Don’t get intimidated with the workouts.  Everyone has a workout or movement that is difficult.  Just stick with it and you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

  1. What’s your favorite motivational quote and why?

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

I think this translates pretty well into CrossFit.  Sometimes I look at a WOD and the numbers or exercises look intimidating or even impossible.  As long as you don’t give up you’ll surprise yourself at what you can do.  The coaches and fellow CrossFitters at Trenches are great at encouraging me to keep going, pushing me to work harder, and finding scaled versions of movements that allow me to keep up and be safe.  It’s a fun gym with really great people!

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