Julie Ursul: CF-L1, CrossFit Gymnastics

My love for athletics started at a very young age.  My experiences prepared me to play Basketball, Volleyball and Softball in high school and I took my softball career to the collegiate  level.  After college ended, I found it harder to stay in shape.  I continued to stay active…joined gyms, did P90x and Insanity videos until I couldn’t bear to push play one more time. I was bored and for more than a year I did almost nothing.  I drove past CrossFit Trenches on a daily basis for probably two years wondering what went on in there.  Finally my husband bought me a membership for my birthday.  Gee thanks, Honey (its like getting a butt kicking for a present).  But…… I LOVED IT.  Fun?  Yes.  Difficult?  Yes.  Hooked?  You bet!
I’ve called myself an athlete all my life, but I soon realized my athleticism had limits.  Over time, hard work and great coaching, I found myself increasing strength, mobility and being more confident when I walked in the door.  I only WISH I could have had CrossFit in my life as a young athlete.  Not only could I have been stronger physically, but mentally stronger as well.
I look forward to helping athletes achieve their goals.  There is so much to work on for a CrossFit athlete.  Boredom isn’t an option.