Casey Moore: CF-L1

I’ve been involved in sports for as long as I can remember. Growing up I played baseball, soccer, hockey, and football. I wouldn’t say that I was or am naturally athletic, but I’m fiercely competitive and always tried to be the hardest worker in the room. Baseball became my passion, and I worked tirelessly to overcome my lack of natural athletic ability and talent. As a result, I became a bit of a gym rat as I entered high school.  

I was able to turn that hard work into a baseball scholarship to Saint Louis University and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2008. With my playing days behind me, I stayed involved in baseball and earned the honor of being the catcher during the 2009 MLB Home Run Derby and catching in the National League bullpen during the 209 MLB All Star Game. I also started coaching high school and competitive youth baseball in 2009. That started me on a path of coaching baseball over the next nine years that included running an indoor baseball facility and providing baseball instruction as a full time career.  

Even after I was finished playing ball, I never stopped exercising or lifting weights. I had memberships at several gyms before turning to at home DVD’s like the various P90X and Insanity series. I saw great results with those, but after years of working out alone in the basement and seeing my progress stall out, I needed something new. At a Super Bowl party in 2017, several friends suggested that I try CrossFit for the community and the challenging, but fun, nature of the workouts. The next day I drove to Trenches to see what it was all about. I was hooked instantly. As I improved as a CrossFit athlete and the coaches at Trenches helped me achieve new levels of fitness, learn new skills, and hit new PRs, it became clear that I wanted to combine my passion and experiences from coaching baseball with my new passion for CrossFit to help other members of the Trenches community achieve their fitness goals.