Bridget Thomason: RN, CF-L1, CrossFit Kids

I have my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and am a Registered Nurse in the state of MO. I also have my Masters degree in Business Administration. In High School I wanted to be a pediatric nurse and I have worked in some form of pediatric nursing for nearly 20 years.

I played sports as a kid/teen. I was often “second string” or the “B team” but I have always enjoyed being a part of sports. After getting married and having children I realized that I have to exercise not only for myself but also for my family. Exercise is my “drug of choice” and my body and mind need it. I enjoyed running, and kickboxing until my husband introduced me to CrossFit.

I was skeptical about CrossFit, as I didn’t want my muscles to look too bulky for a woman. I quickly realized that with the right diet and exercise my body would only look like God intended it to look. After the first workout I was hooked. Not only was I hooked on CrossFit, but I was also hooked on the community. I was amazed that one sport could support, empower, and encourage a variety of people of different backgrounds, ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. The friendships I’ve made are invaluable; the overall knowledge of fitness I’ve gained from my fellow coaches, athletes, and the community is immeasurable.

One of the best things about being a part of CFT is getting to help and witness our members work for and meet their goals. I love seeing classes huddled around and cheering on the very last person to finish (I have been that person many times). I also love watching people get excited and cheer each other on after PRs are achieved. This is what CrossFit is all about!

Being able to teach kids that exercising is FUN and watching their personalities shine through during a kids class is so enjoyable. Kids love their accomplishments and challenges just like adults. Watching them develop self-confidence and pride when they overcome obstacles makes coaching kids very rewarding!

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