Amanda Huster: CF-L1

I walked into CrossFit Trenches 3 years ago and have never looked back! I was a typical stay at home gym mom before that.  Never missing a step or aerobics class, mostly because that was my social hour and kids could be in child care for 2 hours, and boy did I push that limit.  I ran a couple half marathons and full marathons; training was hard and long, and extremely time consuming for a busy mom.  With these different workouts I noticed my body was changing, and my mind craved the sweat and muscle fatigue.  I became a better mom when I had that time for myself.  I started hearing about CrossFit and loved the idea of becoming stronger, lifting heavy weights, and pushing my body beyond what it’s done before.

Unlike most of the coaches from Trenches, I really don’t have a great athletic background.  I grew up in a very small rural town in Iowa.  There was no gymnastics, dance or soccer.  We started playing sports in middle school and your options were school sports: volleyball, basketball, track and softball in the summer.  I quickly found out that playing anything that had a ball in it was not for me!!!  So track it was.  I ran track and cross country through high school and showed our family’s horses.

I have 2 kids, Maggie and Tucker.   My husband’s job moved us to St. Louis the summer of 2009.  I felt like that Corn fed Iowa Girl; I had to change!  I have become a fitness loving, food craving, heavy lifting junkie.  Proof that even stay at home moms can be strong!