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Drop Snatch (3×3)

Snatch Balance (3×3)

Sotts Press (3×3)

All these 3 lifts should be LIGHT and athletes should concentrate in proper form.

Snatch (3@70%,2@75%,2@80%,1@85%,1@90% of 1RM)

This should be Squat Snatch and it must be below parallel to count.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10min AMRAP of

1 Man maker 50/35

3 Front Rack Weighted Step ups 24/20, 50/35 DB

5 G2OH Plate 45/35

1 Devil Press 50/35

3 Strict Ring Dips

5 Wall-balls 20/14
-> Front Rack Weighted Step ups 24/20, 50/35 DB – DBs can rest on shoulders, but athletes must secure them with hands (no “free hands”)

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