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UNBROKEN (By Todd B) (AMRAP – Reps)

1. Wall Balls (passed back and forth on the wall each rep, keep going until someone breaks or ball hits the ground)

2. Weighted sit-ups with Wall Balls (passed back and forth from partner on sit-up) continue until someone breaks

3. Battle rope and hollow bodies (one partner does battle ropes while the other does hollow bodies. Count reps on rope (each side is 1 rep) until partner doing hollows has to stop – switch positions next round

4. Pullups (while partner ‘dead’ hangs) continue until partner hanging drops to the ground, switch positions next round

5. Wheelbarrow walks (white line to white line is 1 rep continue until partner breaks, switch positions next round

6. Farmer carry (50m) – KB can’t touch the ground. Partners can pass KB back and forth…continue until someone has to put down the KB – count reps

Rest 1 minute then repeat. Keep track of total reps

*WB Rx: 20/14, KB Rx: 53/35*

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