2014 Athlete Spotlights

Here’s a testimonial from one of our members:
“I’ve been a member at Trenches for about 5 months. Before that I was a member at a typical big gym and was tired of the monotony and crowds. Life got in the way and I lost motivation years ago. I was out of shape and my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight showed it! Crossfit is fun, challenging and interactive. I now look forward to working out again and all my health stats are back where they should be. If you’re looking for something to get you out of a rut or need to get in shape like I needed to, I encourage you to give this a shot.”
Thanks MB!
Here’s our monthly testimonial from one of our members:
“I started at CrossFit Trenches in July of 2012 and words cannot even begin to explain the impact CrossFit has had on my life. I have always been athletic and I even did a little CrossFit on my own but when I came to Trenches it changed my life. I am in better shape than I have ever been! I can now do kipping pull-ups, overhead squats and numerous other things I never thought I would do, including competing! CrossFit Trenches, the coaches and fellow athletes have inspired me to make a true lifestyle change. I have modified my diet and am eating mostly Paleo and I quit smoking. I have lost 12 pounds and several inches!! Aside from the obvious physical benefits, my overall mental and emotional health has also improved. There is a wonderful community of people at CrossFit Trenches. I look forward every day to getting to the gym to see my CrossFit family. I leave every evening feeling inspired and motivated and encouraged. I have met some great and wonderful people who are not only my friends inside the gym, but outside. I am so thankful for CrossFit Trenches and would recommend it to anyone who is considering making a lifestyle change.”
Thanks GH!
• MARCH 2014
Here’s our monthly testimonial from one of our members:
When my sister and I started CrossFit 8 months ago I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. It has since changed my life. I’ve struggled with back issues for years and since I’ve been doing CrossFit it has significantly helped due to strengthening my core muscles along with all other muscles. I have lost 10 lbs. and I am stronger than I thought possible. I’ve built confidence, found inner strength and have improved my self-discipline. I have changed my eating habits to include more protein. It is an amazing stress release for me. I love the motivation of our trainers who are truly inspiring individuals. The members are considered family and we all help each other when it seems we want to “give up”. There is no pressure because I am not in competition with anybody but myself. I’ve been bitten by the CrossFit bug and once you give it a try you’ll want to keep coming back for more!
• APRIL 2014
Here’s a testimonial from one of our members:
I work as a Firefighter and in 2003 we started department physicals. I never really did any sort of exercise and it showed. I smoked, ate wrong and didn’t move other than what i needed to. My blood work came back horrible and my cholesterol was a near 376 (norm is less than 200). Met with a Cardiologist and realized that I was worse off than I thought. I failed the stress test on the basic walking part of the test. He had me go do a Cardiac cath and the Dr said I was beyond help on that and needed a bypass. There I was 32 years old needing a bypass. Genetics were a big part of the equation also. Successful bypass, I quit smoking and started exercising (moving). But as time went on I started not moving again. After a few injuries I put on a few/lot of pounds and ended up at 404 lbs. I made the decision of doing weight loss surgery, after realizing that I needed more help than a diet could do. August of 2012 I had a sleeve gasterectomy and my life became better. Moving became much easier. We had a PR assignment at CrossFit Trenches and I was hooked. I saw people just like me doing workouts. September of 2013 I joined and have been going since. I started at 270 doing cross fit now I am in the 250 range and in the best shape of my life. I have gone from a 48″ waist and wearing a 5XL shirt to a 34″ waist and a XL shirt. I continue to build strength and mobility. The trainers keep the motivation level high and help scale things to fit where I am at in my fitness level. I wake up and smile everyday. It no longer hurts to move with the exception of a few sore muscles!
Thanks BS!
• MAY 2014
Here’s our monthly testimonial from one of our members:
From my first day at Trenches, everyone made me feel welcome. From the staff to the members.
The staff is not only friendly but very knowledgeable. They would emphasize on the movements and not let me add weight until I got it right. I was new to CrossFit and none of the movements seemed natural. All the coaches were patient and supportive, while continually pushing me to challenge myself.
If the staff is not reason enough to join Trenches, the members are. No matter what your skill level, you will always hear the rest of the class cheering each other on. Every session you get a good workout, learn a lot and make some good friends. I enjoy this so much, that I now attend six days a week.
Thank you CrossFit Trenches for making me a stronger and better person while infusing some fun into my workout.
Thank you, CF! 🙂
• JUNE 2014
Here’s our monthly testimonial from one of our members:
“I started going to CrossFit Trenches in August 2013 and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’d never been much of an athlete growing up so I wasn’t sure if CrossFit was right for me. But from the very first day all of the coaches and athletes made me feel welcome. The coaches emphasized proper form and if they noticed my form was not looking so great during a workout they would have me drop weight. You hear stories of coaches that don’t emphasize form or that don’t really care about the people they coach, but I’ve never encountered any of that at Trenches. The coaches at Trenches genuinely care about the people that they are coaching. I used to dread even the thought of working out, but now I look forward each day going to Trenches and working out with some truly awesome people. I’m the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been and I owe it all to CrossFit Trenches. I would highly recommend CrossFit Trenches to anybody that wants to become a stronger and healthier person and have fun doing so.”
Thanks KM!!
• JULY 2014
Here’s our July testimonial from one of our members:
“I started at Trenches in August 2013. After a 5 month hiatus from Crossfit it was time to start back up. Getting a fresh start at Tenches was just what I needed. Learning new things from the trainers and then eventually increasing my frequency, I could see results faster than I had before. I was getting stronger, toning up, and before I knew it I was doing handstand push-ups! When I ran my first half-marathon in April, my Crossfit training made a huge difference in my progress as I prepared for the run. I actually enjoy getting up at 4:30 am and spending time with my Crossfit family. Thank you CFT!”
Thank you AI 🙂
• AUGUST 2014
Here’s our monthly testimonial from one of our members:
“I started CrossFit in July 2013 because I desperately needed a change. I had been a member of a “globo gym” for longer than I can remember and had no motivation for the monotony of the daily routine. I thought I was in decent shape before starting my first CrossFit workout but immediately found out that I was not at all. That first day I rowed, squatted, and did sit ups, push-ups and pull-ups (scaled of course) and from that moment on I was hooked. It was something totally different that continues to challenge me every day.
Over the last year I have lost over 30 pounds, I eat and live much healthier as a result and I have more energy each day which has made me a much better father, husband, friend, and coworker. I travel a bit for work so I’ve had the opportunity to drop in at a number of CrossFit boxes through the Midwest and I can honestly say that the community and support that we have at Trenches is second to none. No matter what time I come in or who is coaching the class the same feeling of family is there. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle give CrossFit and Trenches a try.”
Thank you BC!
Here’s our monthly CFT athlete testimonial:
“Why did I join Crossfit? I suppose it was all the usual reasons: a friend’s suggestion, “get in better shape”, new challenge, etc. I was primarily running when I started at Crossfit Trenches. I had completed a half marathon in October 2013 and during the run, I hit that invisible wall and completely fell apart, feeling physically weak and mentally unable to focus and push through. I told myself I didn’t want to ever feel like that again. Two weeks later, I walked through the doors of Crossfit Trenches and completed the baseline workout. When I was done, I couldn’t believe how beat I was and knew I needed to keep coming back.
Ten months later, I am in best shape I have ever been in and I have never felt healthier and stronger. I know that I am setting a good example for my children especially my daughter. I love that when she comes with me, she sees women who are amazing – who show that being fit and strong are more important than the number of the scale. My kids see me struggle with hard lifts and WODs that feel never ending, but they also see that I can face a challenge and won’t quit when the going gets tough.
Although my fitness is still, and will always be, a work in progress, every week I still look forward to coming. Thank you Mendy, PC, and all of the coaches at Trenches for helping me to achieve my goals, and motivating and encouraging us all everyday!”
Thank you, AW!
• OCTOBER 2014
Here’s our monthly CFT athlete testimonial:
“I’m 39 years old, I’ve been working out at gyms since I was 18. Doing the traditional workouts, chest on Monday… was getting old.
Then I saw a sign on a warehouse by the house, Crossfit Trenches. I’d heard of crossfit and decided to try it.
What a great decision, the workouts are always different, I started doing lift I’d never done before. The WODs where very challenging. It’s been great .
But that’s not the best part of Trenches. Trenches is a family. Everyone cheers for everyone. When somebody gets a PR or kills a WOD, everyone is happy for that person, everybody truly cares about each other. You don’t get that at your commercial gym.
If you’re thinking about trying out Trenches , do so. You’ll love it.”
Thanks JC!!
“I have been a member at Trenches for a year this month. I say member, but just like Mendy said when I first contacted Trenches, it is an extended family and a community of great people. Like everyone else I was tired of going to the gym and waiting for machines or thinking of new ways to challenge myself. I started to hear about Crossfit through a co-worker and social media so I figured why not. I have had 2 back surgeries 5 years prior and was a little intimidated but all the trainers take the time to teach you the correct techniques, you go at your own pace and everyone is always encouraging you -I love it! Like I tell my friends – it’s the fastest hour and you get the best workout. Trenches is my happy place!”
Thanks RD!!
“I joined Trenches last February. I wanted to try Crossfit because I was bored with my current workouts. I signed up for two days a week and quickly changed to unlimited. I love every aspect of Trenches. I am challenged at every workout, during the strength part and the WOD. I love that each workout is different and very rarely do they repeat. I haven’t been “bored” since I started.
The daily competition is positive and motivating, and it is fun to see everyone cheering one another on. I joined Trenches to stay in shape and never realized that when I joined, I would meet so many amazing friends and people. It truly is like a family at Trenches. I look forward to getting up at 4:30 am to hang out with friends and workout. The 8am and 9 am classes offer great individual attention from the coaches. Every coach, no matter the class time, is passionate and offers great advice and tips to get you stronger and work on technique. I feel much stronger than I did 10 months ago and am so glad I decided to try Crossfit at Trenches. It truly is an amazing atmosphere.”
Thank you TA!!

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